The facilities endowed at Dunes distinguish us from others in the following ways:

Large school area spread over a spacious 18,000 m²: The school has the distinction of being equipped with the largest open ground to cater to the growing needs of the students.

Huge playground for multiple outdoor sports: We recognize the talent of students. The achievements of students speak highly of the enormous playground and the coaches who bring out the best in them. Our aim is to deliver the best through the powerful and inspirational combination of sport and education.

An indoor auditorium having seating capacity of 1000 children: Made with due consideration for proper ventilation and adequate lighting effects,  the auditorium is at par with a stage which is a platform in disguise for the students to train and show their talents, be it speaking, acting or singing, to mention a few.

Air conditioned Science and Computer Labs : We believe in making the learning experiences for students. For this exclusive purpose we have well-arranged and stacked books and a variety of CDs, videos and support material for research and analysis.

Play area, activity hall and Splash Pool for young kids: We provide a home away from home to the tiny tots so as to facilitate a natural transition to their journey of social interaction and learning in community- in a play and learn method.

KG Learning Centre : Specially designed for Kindergartners, the main aim of our  Learning Centre is to capitalize on children’s natural need to explore as they are given the chance to gain experience by trying out their own ideas in a hands-on way.

Student friendly classrooms and Multipurpose Halls: Every classroom is a technologically enhanced classroom that promotes teaching and learning by integrating technology that facilitates learning such as computers with projectors and audio/visual devices.

Website based system: In a computerized environment, the school provides a coordinated platform among the teachers and the parents. Latest updates are available to the parents.

On campus medical facilities: A full time qualified doctor is available. The medical room is equipped with facilities for regular medical checkups and health development programs.

ERP system: Enterprise resource management programming brings in a wholesome computerized management system for scientific monitoring and management in the development of our students.

LibraryThe school library is another exquisite facility. Compactly arranged with a pantheon of different books, it provides learning opportunities to students in a wholesome way.